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Home Designs

“Hays Town”-type designs by Andy McDonald.

Hays Town was an American architect best known for his residential architecture, which was heavily influenced by the Spanish, French, and Creole history of Louisiana. His work was made famous when it was featured in publications including Time, Life, Southern Living, and Southern Accents.

Andy McDonald incorporates the Hays Town design into his elegant, award-winning work that is changing the landscape of upscale neighborhoods throughout the South and beyond.  Andy’s distinctive home designs, which result from his scrupulous regard for scale, balance and historical detailing, have earned him a national following and have made him a rapidly rising force in the home design industry.

2,000+ SQ Home Designs

Square Footage: 2029 sqft
BR/BA: 3/2
Width: 80′-6″
Depth: 49′-0″
Lot #: 28
Square Footage: 2318 sqft
BR/BA: 3/2
Width: 56′-4″
Depth: 55′-0″
Square Footage: 2404 sqft
BR/BA: 3/2
Width: 67′-9″
Depth: 75′-4″

2,500+ SQ Home Designs

Square Footage: 2528 sqft
BR/BA: 3/2
Width: 37′-10″
Depth: 60′-0″
Lot #: 30
Square Footage: 2532 sqft
BR/BA: 3/2
Width: 43′-8″
Depth: 68′-11″
Square Footage: 2677 sqft
BR/BA: 4/3
Width: 44′-0″
Depth: 96′-2″
Square Footage: 2618 sqft
BR/BA: 4/3
Width: 37′-0″
Depth: 69′-6″

3,000+ SQ Home Designs

Square Footage: 3030 sqft
BR/BA: 4/3
Width: 68′-3″
Depth: 79′-9″
Square Footage: 3081 sqft
BR/BA: 3/3
Width: 58′-6″
Depth: 55′-4″
Square Footage: 3076 sqft
BR/BA: 4/3
Width: 72′-5″
Depth: 53′-9″
Lot # 2
Square Footage: 3277 sqft
BR/BA: 4/3
Width: 80′-10″
Depth: 89′-0″
Square Footage: 3332 sqft
BR/BA: 4/4
Width: 104′-1″
Depth: 73′-10″
Square Footage: 3425 sqft
BR/BA: 3/4
Width: 95′-6.5″
Depth: 86′-8″

3,500+ SQ Home Designs

Square Footage: 3388 sqft
BR/BA: 4/3
Width: 96′-9″
Depth: 56′-3″
Lot #: 32
Square Footage: 3537 sqft
BR/BA: 4/4
Width: 76′-7″
Depth: 106′-6″
Square Footage: 3705 sqft
BR/BA: 3/3
Width: 61′-0″
Depth: 60′-0″
Square Footage: 3935 sqft
BR/BA: 4/3
Width: 66′-9″
Depth: 90′-2.5″

Home Buyers and Builders

Whether you are a home builder or are would like to build your dream home using your builder or one of our approved builders, to maintain the integrity, value and quality of Hunter’s Haven all plans must be submitted to and approved by the Architectural Control Committee (ARC). Home Owners Association Restriction and Covenants are available upon request.

Hunter’s Haven has underground utilities provided by:

  • AT&T – Internet, Cable TV & Phone Service
  • Cleco Electric Provider
  • Utilities, Inc. of Louisiana Water & Sewer
  • CenterPoint Energy – Natural Gas Service

Building in Hunter’s Haven

Identical to Penn’s Chapel and other nearby exclusive communities, all Hunter’s Haven lots are in the Flood Zone AE, EL 10. This means that the Base Flood Elevation is 10 ft. Ground elevation in Hunter’s Haven ranges from 2-8 ft depending on lot location as show on this map.

Map of Hunter's Haven

View Interactive Map

Click here to see the elevation map for Phase 1 lots.

Additional information on the are is available at: http://maps.lsuagcenter.com/floodmaps/. To locate Hunter’s Haven, click on “Go to the Maps” button and enter in:

Coming Soon – Hunter’s Haven Phase 2

Map of Hunter's Haven Phase 2 lots

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Click here to see an elevation map for Phase 2 lots.

Becoming a Certified Builder

We will be inviting Premium Home Builders to tour Hunter’s Haven during the first quarter of 2020. If you would like to be invited to one of our events, complete the form and we will contact you to set up a date and time.